I’m here to help you understand your strengths, how these impact the way you make decisions and how you can use them to the best of your advantage.  My approach includes Life Coaching and Trait-Based Assessments, both of which are invaluable tools in finding real insights and accelerating growth through tailor-made personal development courses.


I work with individuals, couples and teams within companies to identify strengths,  traits and characteristics and improve interpersonal relationships. I also sub-contract my services as an i3 Accredited Profiling Practitioner to all other types of coaches, be it leadership coaches, life coaches, transformational coaches or executive coaches, offering them and their clients the benefit of the insights delivered by this tool and enhancing their offering to their clients.


Let’s empower you with knowledge and skills to unlock your true potential!

Here is a free tool to get you started. The Wheel of Life is a process to visually show you where you are versus where you want to be.


My Story

Hello, my name is Tillie.

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and businesswoman.   My family is my anchor and I value building real connections with people, having open-hearted conversations, and laughing… a lot

But more than anything, I strive for authenticity and empowerment. 

I studied Public Relations and completed a Private Secretary Course, I then worked as a Personal Assistant for several years before venturing out as an entrepreneur – I’m sure this is where my knack for growing and nurturing interpersonal relationships strengthened.  Over 22 years, I dedicated myself to building Blue Goose Promotions, a very successful promotional gift and corporate clothing company, from scratch. Here I worked with a range of clients, both locally and internationally.  I loved the creativity required to provide tailor-made solutions and I tackled each day with energy and drive until one day I realized I was ready for a new challenge.  I felt that I had made my mark and I was ready to start something new.

I qualified as a Certified Life Coach at the Strong Foundation Academy, completing both a Certificate and Diploma in Coaching, while also completing a course in Trait-Based Assessment, qualifying as a fully Accredited Associate at i3Africa.  I am a COMENSA Credentialed Coach.


Life Coaching and Trait-Based Assessments gave me the ideal platform to use my experiences in a unique and beautiful way.  My own life experiences created a passion within me to help other people find their WHY;  the reason they get up in the morning.  I help people uncover what drives them because once that’s unlocked, their growth potential is infinite.


I firmly believe that knowing who you are enables you to learn and grow.  It changes not only how you view and regulate yourself, but also those around you, to become the person you were meant to be; uniquely, authentically, and abundantly.

Get ready to be inspired and empowered! Unlock your true potential.


My coaching sessions with Tillie helped me figure out where I was as a person. The sessions helped me realize the importance of balance in my life, as I saw where I was, and where I was lacking. These sessions gave me the ability to venture into the future with definite direction....

J du Toit