Coaching and mentoring a team leader towards excellence builds on exploring the personal instinctive leadership style of each leader and working towards maximizing performance and increasing leadership skills in the workplace.




Team coaching unlocks a group’s potential and enhances collective intelligence. Team coaching helps inspired organizations empower their people to become team players with greater knowledge and clarity, and synergistic results and a shared drive to succeed is the end result. Teams who understand the value each member adds, can not only work more efficiently, but they also support each other in playing to their strengths.

Knowing your staff individually and learning to understand better their personalities, will allow you to create a working environment more suited to your team’s unique needs. You can manage them in a style more suited to their personalities – ensuring optimal productivity and a happy working environment. This I do using the insights of the i3 trait-based self- and social awareness tool, highlighting each team member’s uniqueness and helping individuals and teams to understand where and how they work at their best.



  • An informed objective understanding of the individual’s strengths and areas of development
  • Improved leadership skills, self-confidence, presence and awareness
  • Improved work performance (individual and organisational)
  • Improved business management, communication skills, work/life balance
  • Enhanced relationships and team effectiveness
  • Retention of top-performing leadership

As part of our sessions, I use Trait-Based Assessments as a tool to identify core personality traits that influence your decision-making and interaction with others.



For the Team Leader who is serious about developing himself and his team – A curated package according to the specific needs of each team can be designed. The foundation would be the i3 profiling and its various applications.

This curated package can be as basic as starting with profiling individual team members, along with the accompanied 1-on-1 feedback to each person, and then compiling a Team Profile, with feedback and reports to the Team Leader. This will focus on the Productive Environment, Self-awareness, and insight for the Team Leader with regard to Strengths, Challenges, and management strategies for each team member. This will empower him in making various strategic decisions in his team or business.

Added to this, would be a Team Dynamix session with the whole team, offering the team members strategic tools on how to reach their full potential to achieve their career goals. Essentially, it’s about helping team members understand what they’re doing well and what they need to improve to advance their professional development within the team. Teams who understand the value each member adds can not only work more efficiently but also support each other in playing to their strengths. It circles back to the connectedness that grows between people and the collective purpose that helps us not only perform but perform better each time.

A further offering is Coaching and Mentoring which can be included in the Team Development Program for even more growth and unlocking of potential.

For a curated Team Development Program that will suit your needs, please contact me.

One of the best things I could ever do

I have known Tillie for quite some time and when she approached me to be a coachee to do training on, I was first skeptical.   You don’t think you need coaching if there is nothing “wrong “in your life… I had to commit for a year, without me knowing Covid is about to hit.  This was one of the best

Velicia Boshoff

Improved Team Productivity

We are a team of six, aged from 27 to 60 years old. We work as Consulting Engineers in the Construction industry. Tillie has assisted our team with i3 trait-based profiling and coaching. By knowing each other’s traits, we understand each other better. We now understand the individual’s reasons for approaching a task in a specific manner. With better understanding,

Eric Smit Pr Eng

Enabled me as a leader

It is my pleasure to recommend Tillie Smit from Tillie Smit I-Coach for any Profiling services.  In my experience, she has proven herself to be a very capable coach and she provided me with excellent feedback during my profiling.  This program has enabled me as a leader to recognise my blind spots and develop them.  It also showed my strengths

Arettha van Zyl, BCX

Get ready to be inspired and empowered! Unlock your true potential.