KIND WORDS FROM Loving Clients

I found my fire again!

Finding Tillie and her practice has been one of the best things to happen in my young life. I started coaching at a time when I felt like I wasn’t coping with life, which was a very new and scary feeling for me. Tillie helped me find my fire again and helped me become far more confident within myself. I would recommend her coaching to absolutely everyone but especially those who love getting practical advice on how to improve your life and want to understand themselves on a deeper level!

Jade Starr

Our sessions were life-changing

Tillie is amazing. Our roads crossed just at the right time and I am so thankful I met her. She helped me so much, especially with boundaries (something I was struggling with a lot). You think you know yourself, but I learned so much in the process of working with her and it helped tremendously – not only in my personal life but work as well. Although I am still sometimes struggling to say no and very easily feel guilty when I do, I am definitely growing into a person with better boundaries and less anxiety. Furthermore learning more about my core values has helped me make life-changing decisions regarding my work and in what direction I would like to take my business.

I can refer Tillie to anyone who is serious about personal growth and self-development. Tillie does not only have the knowledge, but also a wonderful way with people, and a lot of patience (she needed to have with me 😉 which I appreciate. She knew when to give me grace and also when to maybe “nudge” or ask the right questions when she saw that I was holding back the process. Usually, there was a reason for this and then we either worked through it or Tillie gave me another solution that suited my personality so that we could carry on with the process of self-discovery (like changing from a hard copy book to audio!). Thank you so much Tillie our sessions were life-changing!


Baie Dankie!

Ek wil ook net sê baie baie baie baie dankie vir alles, hoe baie jy my gehelp het, jou gedult met my, dankie dat jy altyd luister en altyd help. Ek waardeer jou regtig baie. Regtig net 1000de dankies


Thank You

I’m just here to say Thank You. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s because of you that I did not give up.


Turned my life 360°

I don’t know how to thank you Tillie, or thank my good luck for bringing you into my life…

Thank you for turning my life 360°, for showing me my own light & teaching me self-worth; acceptance & self-love. Thank you for fixing me & healing me. I owe you more than just mere words. Thanks for being my FAIRY GOD MOTHER.

Dr. Richa

Helped me to break limitations and achieve so much more

Apart from your openness, kindness, and willingness to ask the needed direct questions… I mostly enjoyed your enthusiasm, which helped and motivated me through the skeptical approach I had at the start of my journey.  Once the first goal was reached, you were able to transfer some of that enthusiasm to succeed to me.

I surprised myself through the coaching.   I always knew that I had so much potential but that I was willing to waste it on things that did not bring any value to my life, may that be to my health, relationships, career, and skills. This coaching got me to where I knew I could be and took me even further, helping me with setting and sticking to goals, investing constructive time into productive activities, learning to deal with various situations, setting boundaries in the right way, the power of trust and developing better and stronger relationships. I gained more self-esteem, got to know myself more and turn my ‘weaknesses’ into strengths!

I would definitely recommend this coaching service to a friend – Everyone is confined by their own set limitations. If I am able to enhance and better the lives of my colleagues, friends and family – I will do so. I say this because, this time with you has helped me break those self-set limitations and let me see that I am worth it, and can achieve, so much more!

Walt Haller

Baie waardevolle proses

Bitter baie dankie vir jou hulp met die assesering. Dit is n baie waardevolle proses waarby die span sal baat in beide hul privaat lewe, sowel as hul werksomstandighede. Ek is baie opgewonde oor die vooruitsigte met hierdie profiele in gedagte.


Helped me grow as a person

I was looking for a coach and found some people on Bark. Tillie was the only person who phoned me and that impressed me a lot, I knew she would go the extra mile to help me. I went for a session to meet her and we clicked straight away.

Tillie helped me to grow as a person, she has such good energy and for the first time I could feel like I could really open up to someone, just by talking to her and her guidance I learned a lot about myself and I cannot thank her enough.

Tillie helped me gain the confidence to accept myself, flaws and all. I used to have this image in my head that I can’t be loved if I’m not perfect, and she showed me that I am perfect in my own way and that I should embrace the things that make me unique. It might sound cliche, but it changed my life. I loved how she was always there for me, if I went through something I struggled with, she was always open for a WhatsApp or a call and never made me feel like I am bothering her. She became a friend through the process and I know that if I ever need help with something Tillie will always be there, willing to help with a lot of love and grace. 10/10 I would recommend her.

Thank you Tillie.

S. Chambers

Exactly what has been missing

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Your enthusiasm and direction are exactly what has been missing from my son in finding the next step in his life journey.
He has been so receptive to your coaching and really enjoys the sessions.

You are a gem!!!

An overjoyed Mom

One of the best things I could ever do

I have known Tillie for quite some time and when she approached me to be a coachee to do training on, I was first skeptical.   You don’t think you need coaching if there is nothing “wrong “in your life… I had to commit for a year, without me knowing Covid is about to hit.  This was one of the best things that could ever happen.

In that year I learned so much about myself, my values, my sensory overload triggers, boundaries, and my purpose.  We did the i3 personality profiling, a strengths-based tool that identifies your natural strengths and productive environment.  This has empowered me.

I believed in this tool so much that I got my husband to do his too, this helped us to know each other even more.  This was a huge asset for our marriage.

After 2 years I implemented this in my business and did the i3 personality profiling with my core management team.  By knowing our strengths, we were able to move forward in our capabilities as a team.  This has resulted in highly effective work and a team that is growing together in strength.

I would highly recommend this to anyone considering as an individual or business.  Knowledge is power…

Velicia Boshoff

I have found not only my purpose in life but my happiness too

Tillie Smit is my one-stop coaching specialist, encompassing the I3 assessment with in-depth feedback, guidance and coaching into aspects of my life both personally and professionally. She helped me find my truth, build much-needed boundaries, come into my own and blossom. I have a sense of freedom, happiness, success and joy that has bloomed and grown over the past few months. She challenged me to aim and soar higher than I thought possible building on my inner strength and values. I have found not only my purpose in life but my happiness too.

A few quotes which resonate with Tillie and her coaching:
“To be happy, you must be your own sunshine” C E Jerningham
“Very little is needed to live a happy life, it is all within yourself, your way of thinking” Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
“Happiness depends on ourselves” Aristotle
“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do is in harmony” Mahatma Gandhi
“Happiness is not something ready-made it comes from your own actions” Dalai Lama

Jane Domingo

Very encouraging and uplifting

Well educated, informed, and a wealth of life experience received from I-Coach , very encouraging and uplifting.

Tarryn Bezuidenhout

Amazing insight

Thanks Tillie for the amazing insight I gained from doing the i3 profiling with you! I love how it made such sense to me and how you explained it so clearly. I now know where my strengths lie and embrace being a promoter and encouraging people. I recommend this to anyone wanting to have a better understanding of themselves as the knowledge is yours for life.

Bernice van Wyk

I became a stronger and happier woman

Tillie, thank you for guiding me through every step of finding and realising my values. Your energy is amazing and your kindness heartwarming. With your support I became a stronger and happier woman. I will be back soon for the next journey.

Thea Meyer

Exactly what I was looking for

Awesome communication, exactly what I was looking for.  Well organised an professional insight.


Absolutely love your sessions

Thank you for everything you have done with and for our daughter, she absolutely loves your sessions.


Worth so much more than I can express

So the step to go out there and find help and coaching and staying with it in order to gain larger goals in all aspects of my life, that is worth something, that is worth so much more than I can express, for without these steps, I would still be in the same space I have been for a very long time.

Once again thank you for helping me with this step and this journey.


Baie dankie!!!

Baie, baie dankie!! dit was een GODLOOFLIKE Jaar van deurbraak en sukses!!


Jy het ons lewe verander

Net om te sê baie dankie vir ALLES!!  Jy het letterlik ons lewe verander.  Moet asb nooit onderskat hoe baie jy vir mense beteken nie.


Great Positive Experience

Tillie has a very open and comfortable approach which creates a sense of trust.
Would highly recommend her as a coach, it was a great positive experience for me.

Mariola Negrine

Deeper understanding

I have discovered a deeper understanding of my weakest and strongest traits and became increasingly empowered in a personal as well as a working environment.
Thank you Tillie.

Anthonette Rossouw

Profiling highlights what you know subconsciously but never realize

The profiling highlighted what you knew subconsciously about yourself but never realised. Also that you cannot treat everyone the same – but need to be aware of what brings out the best in everyone.
Tillie was well prepared and I want Tillie to do my team profiling as well.

Nico Louwrens

Great communication, professionalism and quality

Tillie helped me to clearly articulate and define my core values, which impacted other aspects of my life. With Tillie’s supportive coaching style, I was able to realized my strengths and obtained a greater sense of purpose. I’m definitely more confident and fulfilled in general.
She’s great at understanding the whole person and I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to make changes in their life for greater overall satisfaction. Tillie brings great communication, professionalism and quality to her work

Jonita Cuff

She really strives to help you

Tillie is an energetic loving coach, and an excellent listener. She goes all the way and really strives to help you. I really can recommend her.

Melanie Gray

She is absolutely incredible to work with

I enjoyed every step of my journey with Tillie as a young working woman seeking positive ways to navigate through life, working hand in hand with my strengths and weaknesses. She is absolutely incredible to work with and I highly recommend her life coaching advice to anyone looking to take that next step in unlocking their true potential in all aspects of life.

Anne Haller

Improved Team Productivity

We are a team of six, aged from 27 to 60 years old. We work as Consulting Engineers in the Construction industry.

Tillie has assisted our team with i3 trait-based profiling and coaching. By knowing each other’s traits, we understand each other better. We now understand the individual’s reasons for approaching a task in a specific manner. With better understanding, the team cohesion has improved. Slight changes to individual roles and responsibilities improved team productivity and how we support each other.

By knowing the collective team profile, we could identify our collective team strengths and weaknesses and by strategically assigning functional roles to team members, each person now has a further responsibility towards the success of the business. The result is a more efficient business with engaged employees all working for team success.

To make these changes part of our culture of creating a winning team, coaching all team members has become an ongoing process for us.

Eric Smit Pr Eng

‘n Omgee Mens

Tillie is ‘n omgee mens.  Deur my hele pad van ontdekking van wie ek is en waar ek nou heen op pad is, was sy daar om te luister, te motiveer en om haar eie ervarings met my te deel sodat ek kon weet dat ek nie alleen staan nie.  Ek sal haar aan enige iemand aanbeveel.


She has heart and understanding

Although Tillie is your accountability partner, she gives you the space to do and work things out in your own time.  She has a subtle approach and works with you without you even realising it, and before you know it, you start implementing the tools she gives you into your daily routine.  She has heart and understanding and will give a lot of herself to walk your journey with you.



Life coaching is a journey one embarks on through one-on-one sessions with the main goals being self-improvement, be it in your day-to-day engagements, your career and workspace, your important inner-circle relationships, or even just on a personal level through being kinder to yourself.

My journey with Tillie has really been life-changing and extremely rewarding in so many aspects.  Tillie has helped me gain back control over my life by equipping me with various tools to deal with my day-to-day.  She has also helped me open my eyes to the many perspectives one can take on when trying to make sense of complicated scenarios and understanding people.  I have gained so much value in unpacking my personality profile and by gaining an understanding of my core values which not only tested me on how well I know myself but has also bettered the way in which I engage with people in my inner circle along with those I come in contact with in my daily activities.

One of the many things I have appreciated about my experience with Tillie is how easy it is to be vulnerable with her.  Our sessions were based on trust from the outset and in turn, this created an ideal, safe space for me to get real and to speak freely without the fear of feeling like I will be judged.  I also really enjoyed the pace at which my journey unfolded, the sequence of things and how every tool, lesson or application was so relevant to my life at any given point in time.  It was amazing to see how everything came together in our final sessions and how all the intricacies of my thinking patterns, behaviours, values, strengths, blind spots and personality traits were all intertwined!

My journey is not over yet but is instead an ongoing process of self-growth and improvement as I continue to aim to better myself in all the aspects of my life, with the tools I have newly gained.  I am extremely grateful for having had the opportunity to be coached by someone who is as remarkable as Tillie.  This is especially true knowing that she does not only coach and hand me tools from her theoretical knowledge but has her own story and experience from which she draws impeccably.


I am now free!

In early 2020, I started a journey of self-discovery.

At the age of 49, I still didn’t know my absolute strengths or weaknesses.  I didn’t know how to tap into my talents to enable a rich and successful life.  I was influenced by the energies of others, be it positive or negative.  I needed to discover my true worth.  I needed to learn how to walk away.  I needed to use my strengths to benefit my life, personally and in my career.

Tillie approached me to be part of her studies.  I agreed, knowing deep down that I needed to change something about my life.  We spoke a lot about everything that has or was influencing my life.  She gave me tasks and questionnaires to do, which were very interesting and educational.  After a few exercises and long discussions, things started to click.  My life started to be better.  I started to take charge so that I could live my best life, and it didn’t take very long as I had a wonderful guide.

From being uncertain about my abilities, feeling guilty about choices I had made in my life, not being able to avoid negative energies, I am now free!  I live a happy, confident life full of good energy.  I recommend Tillie as a life coach.  She is caring, thorough, attentive and knowledgeable.  Your journey will change your life for the better.


Enabled me as a leader

It is my pleasure to recommend Tillie Smit from Tillie Smit I-Coach for any Profiling services.  In my experience, she has proven herself to be a very capable coach and she provided me with excellent feedback during my profiling.  This program has enabled me as a leader to recognise my blind spots and develop them.  It also showed my strengths and she gave me tools to further develop them as well.

She has an organised approach, is process orientated and gives excellent feedback.  Tillie instils confidence in her clients and she clearly knows her subject.

Without hesitation, I would strongly recommend her for any profiling.  I can confidently say it will be of significant value to you and/or your company.

Arettha van Zyl, BCX

Immeasurable value

This has been one of the most fruitful experiences I have had as a young adult thus far.  After 8 months into this journey with Tillie, I can already see the immeasurable value that coaching has.  It empowered me to not only manage my time more efficiently but has taught me so much about myself that it makes it easier for me to complete tasks without procrastinating or getting stuck too long on one objective.  Knowing more about my deeper self allows me to manage situations and challenges in a way that demands less emotional and mental stress.

The coaching approach used by Tillie is something special.  It’s not the traditional idea of coaching that I had experience with, where someone teaches you a new set of skills in order to do certain tasks.  This approach is more guidance than teaching and that is the very thing that makes it so brilliant for me.  It empowers me to be confident in who I am and what I know and also boosts my self-belief.  Tillie guides me and brainstorms with me to get to the answers to the problems I have.  It is not her solution, but mine and to me, that is the beauty of it.

My sessions with Tillie has motivated me to strive for better and to believe in the abilities I have.  I am hungry to see what obstacle I will tackle and overcome next.

NJ Adams

Empowered with self-knowledge

As soon as I met Tillie Smit at a social event, I realised that she would be able to assist me in my strive for deeper knowledge about myself, to reach a deeper level of insight and awareness in myself.  The vast array of tools that she has access to, has given me insight into my basic outlook on my life,  what motivates me and even more important, why it is so.

To be empowered with such self-knowledge brings with it immense relief and healing over aspects of a persons past and decisions that were taken.  I  could forgive myself for many things, as well as change how I viewed and understood the dynamics of various personal relationships in my life.  It taught me grace in how I now view and understand each individual, knowing that each person has a different lens through which they view life.

It is easy to talk to Tillie, not once has she made me feel judged for anything that I shared with her.  Her contributions are “spot on” every time, formulated with kindness and empathy, though at the right time, to lead me to the point where I had to confront my truth and work through it.  I would recommend Tillie’s life coaching to anybody who wants to empower themselves through their intrapersonal knowledge and understanding of self.



Helped me a lot in my personal life and in my career

Tillie’s coaching helped me a lot in my personal life and in my career.

I would highly recommend her to anyone.  She makes you feel secure and I am free to express how I feel without judgement.

I cannot thank her enough.


Easy to understand and apply

I recently completed the I3 trait-based profiling with Tillie.  The way Tillie presented the feedback was very easy to understand and apply in my daily life.  The profile gave me insight into my natural strengths, but also things that I need to be aware of and manage in myself.  I felt empowered after our session.  Tillie celebrates the individuality and beauty of every person!  Thank you, Tillie!


Dedicated and passionate about her clients

I have known Tillie for 7 years and I have always been amazed by her passion for life and her excellent communication skills with people of all ages.

As a life coach, she is competent, dedicated and passionate about her clients.  She helped me to look at myself – and other people – in a less critical way and to appreciate each other’s uniqueness.

I am confident to recommend Tillie as the life coach to help you form a deep knowledge of who you are and to discover that of which you value and care.


I would 100% recommend

My coaching sessions with Tillie helped me figure out where I was as a person.  The sessions helped me realize the importance of balance in my life, as I saw where I was, and where I was lacking.  These sessions gave me the ability to venture into the future with a definite direction.

I would 100% recommend the i3 profiling.  When Tillie discussed my results, my family and I were amazed at the insight she had given me.

The i3 profiling showed me who I am as a person, emphasizing my strengths, but also highlighting my weaknesses.  It enabled me to handle certain situations and challenges in a different manner, as I now understood what triggered me to respond in a certain way.

I can honestly say, if it wasn’t for Tillie, I would not be the man I am today.

J du Toit

Truly rewarding and so much fun!

Tillie is a one a in a million person, she is magical and delightful, so positive.  It is infectious.  Tillie helped/helping me in finding myself and my values.  It is a great task to work through and gave some great insights into myself!  Whenever I get together with Tillie it is one of those moments that you just don’t want to end, I could talk and learn with her for hours!  I have found that having a life coach is truly rewarding and so much fun!

M. Vermeulen

Ongoing success story

My coaching experience is one of an “ongoing  success story.”

I entered into coaching at an emotionally burnt out stage, not expecting anything – if not just a little emotional healing.  Through the process of coaching with Tillie and doing my personality profiles on different platforms, I found myself again in the confirmation of whom I am in an unexpected but “ah-ha” way.  To know one’s self in a good way is like looking in the mirror and like what you are seeing.  To know your core values is fundamental to delve into the “self” and that leads to growth and emotional wellbeing.

To do this with a coach that is so passionate about her field and so non-judgemental and committed to your growth and understanding of your own clockwork was a blessing.

This “work in progress ” that is my life was changed in a fundamental way at a time when I truly needed it.

J. Haller

I gained a lot of wisdom about myself

I really loved doing the i3 assessment course with Tillie, I gained a lot of wisdom about myself.  I have learned the reason why some activities in life made me happy and why others drained me completely.  In addition to that, I have learned why I react in certain ways to different situations.  Thus it really helped me to decide what I want to study in the future because I now know what I would truly enjoy in the long term- so that work would be a pleasure.  I would most definitely advise this assessment course to anyone; since it helped me more than any other test I have ever done because it dives deeper.  It’s also so easy to talk to Tillie and she makes sure you fully understand all the information.

Erin Cuff

Get ready to be inspired and empowered! Unlock your true potential.