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Every unique personality plays an important role in society, in families and in organisations. In order to harness the strength of your personality, you first need to understand it.

The i3 Personality Assessment (i3 stands for individual, instinctive indicators) is my preferred assessment tool as a Trait-Based Profiling Practitioner, highlighting and accelerating the initial phases of self-awareness and facilitating deeper understanding. This tool provides accurate insights into why people behave and interact the way they do, and why many people have trouble successfully keeping to the long-term changes they attempt in their lives.
As a Trait-Based Profiling Practitioner, I can assist you as follows:



The Trait-Based Profiling Assessment stage lays the foundation for deeper insight into the individual and the goals that they seek to achieve, taking into consideration desired goals, where applicable. This can form the basis of the coaching process, or be a once-off session for the individual who only wants to have that knowledge of himself. Taking into account 7 Individual Instinctive Indicators (i3), the Trait-Based Profiling Assessment will reveal a totally unique combination for each person, as well as provide insight into the environment they are likely to be most productive and fulfilled within – no two results generated from the assessment are the same.

trait-based profiling 7 indicators
trait-based profiling example and orientations

This assessment helps me as a coach to focus on what is right about my clients’ lives, not what is wrong with it, encouraging and supporting them. I love helping my clients to discover and delight in their own uniqueness, helping them to start thinking about how to translate this into greater effectiveness and joy in themselves.



This trait-based self- and social awareness tool highlights each person’s uniqueness and helps teams to understand where and how they work at their best. I can make informed recommendations to help a client grow successfully, by supplying them with management information of their team members, to enable more effective management of their staff. They can be proactive and manage staff and their own expectations better. They can be empowered to understand which candidate would be the best fit within a team dynamic and how to pair or move employees around for better productivity and job satisfaction.

Where the individual feedback increases self-awareness, the team dynamics sessions focus on increasing social awareness. By understanding each other better, team members tend to accept their differences more readily and the team becomes more cohesive. This information empowers the Manager/Team Leader with information and can form the basis of a team-building exercise, and assist in identifying a project team or skill gaps and opportunities of individuals within the teams.



Make sure you hire a team member who will bring value to the table and collaborate to produce solutions, synergy and success for your current team. Normally you would employ them and then get to know them. The i3 Recruit Assessment will empower you with crucial information about the candidate which will enhance your decision-making, ensuring you ask the right questions, manage expectations from the start and get to know them on a deeper level before employing them – ensuring when you make your decision, you make the right one.

This one-page recruitment report is used in conjunction with a one-page summary of your role profile. This report is easy to understand and supplies you with another angle by which to view and match the potential candidates applying for a specific vacancy. From completing our online i3 assessment, a recruitment report can be generated which gives employees an objective insight into the instinctive and natural strengths and behaviours of potential candidates prior to interview and appointment.

Both the internal and external recruitment processes can be improved with this tool, helping the Team Leader/Manager in identifying natural ability and the right talent from their existing employees as well as the potential candidate pool against the specific requirements of each role.

These reports are widely used by HR professionals, line management, business owners and Recruiters to enhance a professional recruitment and selection process by adding a new dimension, in conjunction with CV review, interviews, skill-based assessments, referencing and possible work-based trials.

The i3 role profile is carried out by the employer and the report will translate your specific requirements in terms of competencies into i3 language and display, providing you with additional information within the matching process.

The reports are available on two levels:
General level: any role or candidate without the responsibility of managing others
Management level: any role or candidate who will be responsible for the management of others or anyone who has people reporting to them



I have found not only my purpose in life but my happiness too

Tillie Smit is my one-stop coaching specialist, encompassing the I3 assessment with in-depth feedback, guidance and coaching into aspects of my life both personally and professionally. She helped me find my truth, build much-needed boundaries, come into my own and blossom. I have a sense of freedom, happiness, success and joy that has bloomed and grown over the past few

Jane Domingo

Amazing insight

Thanks Tillie for the amazing insight I gained from doing the i3 profiling with you! I love how it made such sense to me and how you explained it so clearly. I now know where my strengths lie and embrace being a promoter and encouraging people. I recommend this to anyone wanting to have a better understanding of themselves as

Bernice van Wyk

Profiling highlights what you know subconsciously but never realize

The profiling highlighted what you knew subconsciously about yourself but never realised. Also that you cannot treat everyone the same – but need to be aware of what brings out the best in everyone. Tillie was well prepared and I want Tillie to do my team profiling as

Nico Louwrens

Easy to understand and apply

I recently completed the I3 trait-based profiling with Tillie.  The way Tillie presented the feedback was very easy to understand and apply in my daily life.  The profile gave me insight into my natural strengths, but also things that I need to be aware of and manage in myself.  I felt empowered after our session.  Tillie celebrates the individuality and


Ongoing success story

My coaching experience is one of an “ongoing  success story.” I entered into coaching at an emotionally burnt out stage, not expecting anything – if not just a little emotional healing.  Through the process of coaching with Tillie and doing my personality profiles on different platforms, I found myself again in the confirmation of whom I am in an unexpected

J. Haller

I gained a lot of wisdom about myself

I really loved doing the i3 assessment course with Tillie, I gained a lot of wisdom about myself.  I have learned the reason why some activities in life made me happy and why others drained me completely.  In addition to that, I have learned why I react in certain ways to different situations.  Thus it really helped me to decide

Erin Cuff

Get ready to be inspired and empowered by Tillie Smit, Trait-Based Profiling Practitioner! Unlock your true potential.