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Print out the PDF and grab your pen.

Now look at each category and rank your level of satisfaction with each area of your life by drawing a line to rate the different segments in the centre of the curved line across each segment. Scoring is between 1 (very dissatisfied) and 10 (fully satisfied).

Once completed the wheel will likely look ‘bumpy’. Not only does the wheel help you quickly assess your current levels of life balance, it can also be used to clarify priorities for goal-setting in coaching. It gives us a great helicopter view of what is – and isn’t – working for us in life. You can now use this information to set goals in coaching to work towards.

Tillie is emphatic, understanding and she creates a safe space

I was looking for a life coach and my mother worked with Tillie in her professional capacity and suggested Tillie to me. I chose to work with her as it is easy for me to share what is on my heart, she is emphatic, understanding and she creates a safe space for me to talk to her and learn more

L. Coetzee

I could let go of the past and learn to apply healthy boundaries

I found Tillie after seeing the change in my daughter when being coached by Tillie. Through coaching, I could let go of the past and learn to apply healthy boundaries going forward. I love the fact that she allowed me to open up, especially about my past, so that I could get rid of all the ANTS in my head

Ingrid Dorp

I understand and believe in myself again

After my family and I immigrated to Germany, I went through a terrible time emotionally. I was struggling to find my way and rebuild a life filled with all the zest I had before. I posted on a Facebook group anonymously as my last resort to getting some outside perspective and out of sheer desperation for needing change within myself.

Pascalé Cilliers

Graceful and Compassionate

My time and work with Tillie has truly improved my life. All values are important, yet life gets simpler when you know your most important (top 5) and what the marvellous course of your life looks like. In summary, direction. Not only was she an excellent coach, but graceful and compassionate when times were really tough. She was so confident

Lauren Van Zyl

Her coaching service is easy, calm, and constructive

I found Tillie via an online search and I felt comfortable with her from the beginning. She has helped me with support structure, thinking before I do and being comfortable with myself. I now find myself able to think rationally, staying calm during a stressful situation and managing my life better. I hoped to get guidance, advice and someone to

N. Argall

Our sessions were life-changing

Tillie is amazing. Our roads crossed just at the right time and I am so thankful I met her. She helped me so much, especially with boundaries (something I was struggling with a lot). You think you know yourself, but I learned so much in the process of working with her and it helped tremendously – not only in my


Turned my life 360°

I don’t know how to thank you Tillie, or thank my good luck for bringing you into my life… Thank you for turning my life 360°, for showing me my own light & teaching me self-worth; acceptance & self-love. Thank you for fixing me & healing me. I owe you more than just mere words. Thanks for being my FAIRY

Dr. Richa

Helped me grow as a person

I was looking for a coach and found some people on Bark. Tillie was the only person who phoned me and that impressed me a lot, I knew she would go the extra mile to help me. I went for a session to meet her and we clicked straight away. Tillie helped me to grow as a person, she has

S. Chambers

Worth so much more than I can express

So the step to go out there and find help and coaching and staying with it in order to gain larger goals in all aspects of my life, that is worth something, that is worth so much more than I can express, for without these steps, I would still be in the same space I have been for a very


Great communication, professionalism and quality

Tillie helped me to clearly articulate and define my core values, which impacted other aspects of my life. With Tillie’s supportive coaching style, I was able to realized my strengths and obtained a greater sense of purpose. I’m definitely more confident and fulfilled in general. She’s great at understanding the whole person and I would highly recommend her for anyone

Jonita Cuff

Ongoing success story

My coaching experience is one of an “ongoing  success story.” I entered into coaching at an emotionally burnt out stage, not expecting anything – if not just a little emotional healing.  Through the process of coaching with Tillie and doing my personality profiles on different platforms, I found myself again in the confirmation of whom I am in an unexpected

J. Haller

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